Landscape Series by India Mahdavi

Designed exclusively for the Carwan Gallery, the Landscape Series is made up of colorful tables and vases inspired by Iznik tiles, ceramic tiles that are a 16th century Ottoman tradition. Designed by India Mahdavi, the series came about from research into the Ottoman style of making quartz tiles which led to a new way of constructing tables. The entire collection carries a unique reflective shine thanks to the tiles made in custom colors solely for this project by the Iznik Foundation.


Landscape Table #4

With bases made of brass, the Landscape Tables feature various patterns that look like pixelated color blocks made from the handmade ceramic tiles.


Landscape Tables #3 & #4


Landscape Tables #3 & #4


Landscape Table #2


Landscape Vase Series #1

The Landscape Vases were inspired by urban and graphic landscapes that can live indoors. They can be used together or separately, and come with/without a pure gold interior coating.


Landscape Vase Series #2


Landscape Vase Series #3

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