Laser Stitched Lampshades By Fifti-Fifti

Fifti-fifti is a new German company that designs, produces, and distributes for different avenues of light. Their take-off light is a unique lamp that is made of two pieces of paper that are laser stitched with a very delicate pattern.

takeoff_detail1_900x900px takeoff_detail2_900x900px

That pattern can also be enlarged at will, changing the way the light passes through the shade. This opens a realm of possibilities with the interplay between light, shadow and pattern.


The paper sheets are fixed to the metal frame of the lamp using magnets. The lamp also comes with an instruction sheet, including patterns, that the user can copy or be inspired by. For those who want finished patterns, fifti-fifti also offers that option.

takeoff_lightning_1_900x900px takeoff_lightning_3_900x900px takeoff_lightning_4_900x900px

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