Lenovo Gets Designy with Table Concepts for Their IdeaCentre Horizon PC

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Lenovo Gets Designy with Table Concepts for Their IdeaCentre Horizon PC

Lenovo teamed up with three design teams to create collaborative table stations for their IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC. The idea was that because their high-concept PC created a real-life togetherness and technology, that it would be fun to fuse form and function to showcase the possibilities and use of this type of computer.

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC


The Treehouse (also top photo)
Designed by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, Treehouse creates a magical world of whimsy to bring children and people of all ages together.


The Nest
Input Creative Studio designers Brooke Lichtenstein and Yiannos Vrousgos blend a modern take on the nesting table idea with the Lenovo Horizon, redefining family game night.


UM Project designer François Chambard wanted to give people a central hub to power their creation engine with a digital twist.

I can imagine a lot of options for a PC like this, especially when it comes to giving work presentations or demonstrations, classroom learning, and creative uses such as art, movie-making or web development. What would you use it for?

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