LESS by Pedro Sottomayor

Last month WHO Gallery, located in Lisbon, Portugal, opened the LESS exhibition with works by Pedro Sottomayor. The exhibition presents new works that lose the excess that forms them, while maintaining their function. I love the three interior/exterior benches and table, made out of perforated metal and how they’re benches are presented as though the pieces of metal have just fallen from the surface like rain.

From the release:

The question of usefulness may have a dead conclusion, such as to be or not to be, black or white. Under a perspective of earth’s material resources’ use and their finitude, the answers complexify. The ‘LESS’ exhibition, by industrial designer Pedro Sottmayor, approaches the theme by playing with the various possible readings, such as ‘USE LESS’. From the viewpoint of an economy of resources or communication, in that abuse and/or an excessive use of material resources or language may have useless results, abuse is understood as the excessive use of what is strictly necessary; the designer proposes this boundary between the useful and the useless.

The exhibition runs through November 5, 2011.

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