Light At Play’s Radiance Dome Illuminates The Imagination

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Light At Play’s Radiance Dome Illuminates The Imagination

We recently announced that the 2014 LuciteLux® JUST IMAGINE Awards were open for entries, so we thought we’d take a closer look at last year’s impressive winner, Light At Play’s Radiance Dome.


The Radiance Dome features nearly 200 two-foot LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel (LGP) triangles equipped with LED lights that literally glow as they change color with music and movement. Initially created for the 2013 Burning Man festival, the Dome houses a 1200-square-foot dance floor that was used during the festival to teach dancing lessons.


Yona Appletree poses in front of the illuminated Radiance Dome

Yona Appletree poses in front of the illuminated Radiance Dome

“The immersive LED concept is a brilliant example of what’s happening in the best of lighting design right now. Synchronized installations such as his connect people to one another through a shared emotional experience,” says Chris Robinson, business manager for Lucite International.

What I love most about this application is not only the unique use itself of the LuciteLux® LGP, but the interactivity and flexibility of the installation. The Dome could be used for all kinds of events, as it can be assembled and disassembled on site (Design Milk rave, anyone?).

Yona Appletree, lead designer of the Radiance Dome, working alongside colleagues Kenyon Acton and Wayne Skipper, consulted with a local supplier Multi-Craft Plastics who recommended LuciteLux® LGP. Its exceptional brightness, illumination and optimized color performance when used with LEDs was exactly what Appletree was looking for to combine with his custom lighting control system. When paired, it created a glowing, interactive space that can change with simple controls.

Light at Play’s Radiance Dome – winner of the 2013 LuciteLux© JUST IMAGINE Awards video

“As a creator, you set out to make something not knowing what the world will think,” said Appletree. “To watch people’s expressions and know that we were capturing their minds and hearts with our design was otherworldly.”



We asked Light at Play what they’ve been up to since winning. “Propelled and inspired by winning the JUST IMAGINE Awards, Light at Play continues finding new potential in the combination of LuciteLux® with intelligent lighting systems and is excited to see the creative designs of the 2014 JUST IMAGINE Awards. Light at Play looks forward to collaborating with artists and designers as well as events, festivals, and other venues interested in featuring immersive lighting. Intelligent volumetric lighting is a rapidly developing field, and we are dedicated to its expansion through artistic expression and creativity.”

We are looking forward to seeing what they’ll develop next.

This post is part of our media partnership with LuciteLux®. Learn more about the LuciteLux® 2014 JUST IMAGINE Awards here.

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