A Line of 3D Printed Clothing Based on Defects

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A Line of 3D Printed Clothing Based on Defects

Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv was inspired by classical Greek sculpture to create a modern day version, complete with 3D renderings and printed parts.

From the designer:

The tension between the real and the virtual, between 2D and 3D inspired me to create this collection.

noa raviv graduate collection2

Rather than create a carbon copy of Greek inspired sculpture, Hard Copy started off as defective digital images, using 3D software, that can’t be replicated. As a result, these pieces exist solely in the virtual space and cannot be reproduced in reality.

noa raviv graduate collection3

Raviv developed most of the textiles for the collection out of pleated fabric, tulle, and silk organza, and then worked with Stratasys to produce the 3D printed parts.

noa raviv graduate collection4

noa raviv graduate collection6

noa raviv graduate collection5

Raviv created her own textiles for the collection and worked with Stratasys to create the 3D printed parts. The garments are characterized by bold, graphic lines softened with pleats, tulle, and sheer silk organza. Absolutely stunning!

noa raviv graduate collection7

noa raviv graduate collection8

noa raviv graduate collection9

noa raviv graduate collection10

noa raviv graduate collection11

noa raviv graduate collection13

noa raviv graduate collection15

noa raviv graduate collection17

noa raviv graduate collection20

noa raviv graduate collection19

Photos by Ron Kedmi.

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