Loight: A Rechargable Lighting Concept Inspired by Lanterns

02.16.18 | By
Loight: A Rechargable Lighting Concept Inspired by Lanterns

To many people, being energy efficient is a priority these days. We all know we can do our part in reducing our personal carbon footprint by doing simple acts like turning off the lights when not in use or decreasing our usage of heaters and coolers. What if we can take it further though, by incorporating a lifestyle change that dates back to the 1800s? Inspired by the efficiency of lanterns, industrial designer Zahra Ghiasi designed the concept of the Loight rechargeable light that challenges us to evaluate our dependency on light.

In theory, the Loight light is a personal light that you carry with you everywhere in the home. Each family member would have their own Loight and it’s only when the entire family is together that the room is the brightest. The light intensity can be adjusted depending on different situations and can be charged wirelessly with its own charging station, ideally placed at the entrance of the home so that it’s the first thing you grab when you arrive. Each light only has a limited charge, forcing you to evaluate your usage and use your light efficiently.

Ghiasi believes that the Loight can also be used in businesses, like cafes, or under-developed countries where users can charge their light at solar charging stations in city centers and take back home to use.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, one that would create a positive effect on the planet if people were able to adapt to this lifestyle change. What do you think? Could the Loight light concept work in modern times?

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