The Loupedeck CT Dials Into the Tactile For Creatives

11.11.19 | By
The Loupedeck CT Dials Into the Tactile For Creatives

If you claim the Adobe CC suite of applications as your virtual residence of operations, then it’s likely you harbor an obsession with streamlining your workflow. The Loupedeck CT is designed to cater to those obsessed with shearing away wasteful actions across their workspaces, empowering users to add customizable actions to a palette of physical buttons and dials, alongside a touchscreen with haptic feedback.

The square-ish and compact aluminum design of the Loupedeck CT (short for “Creative Tool”) offers users a grid of clearly designed controls, with backlit LED buttons, dented aluminum dials, and machine-quality ball bearings intended to introduce back the confidence and pleasures of tactile controls into the editing process.

Like Loupedeck’s previous offering, their keyboard and mouse sidekick caters to the school of “fast is good, accurate is better”, allowing a flexible and exacting degree of control and customizability only redelivered by tactile controls, reducing the need to access control menus and switching between applications (sometimes the real bottleneck in the daily workflow), with an assortment of preset workspaces specific to menu-laden applications like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition CC, Aurora HD, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, and Ableton Live.

A professional tool carries with it a professional price, explaining the considerable $549 investment required to add the Loupedeck CT to the workflow of creatives working in video, photography, illustration, and music.

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