Macbeth Lighting by Kebei Li
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Macbeth is a minimal design created by San Francisco-based designer Kebei Li. The light is a cost-effective task lamp that features a sliding Fresnel lens module for precision beam angle control that was inspired by theatrical lighting, which often uses Fresnel lenses for beam adjustment. Macbeth uses only a minimal set of hardware to provide a similar degree of versatility.


Unlike most consumer and domestic lighting, stage and museum lighting is usually outfitted with beam angle adjusters, which can be quite costly and cumbersome. Macbeth is a solution that allows users to easily and precisely define their preferred interior illumination, while simultaneously making the light an interactive and accessible experience.

A Fresnel lens is a compact lens with which one side is molded in a series of concentric rings that serve as small “steps”, allowing the lens to deliver similar optical characteristics of a regular solid lens with only a fraction of the thickness. Fresnel lenses spread light in an even and soft-edged fashion; it is often used in lighthouses, car headlights, stage lighting.







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