Made by Choice Expands Their Range with Nordic Makers

Made by Choice has already made a name for itself as a truly Nordic brand. In their factory in the Southwest of Finland, craftsmen work with precision and skill – and often with painstaking effort for long stretches of time – to produce durable, fun pieces in the most interesting shapes.

This year, the Finnish design house collaborated with a selection of Nordic designers to produce a distinctive, colorful, and fun range of furniture and objects in conjunction with Stockholm Light and Furniture Fair 2020.


The brand brought back one of their most iconic pieces, the Kolho chair by Matthew Day Jackson, which they debuted in Milan last year to great fanfare. We were fans already then, and we’re still mesmerized by the shape of it now.



Swedish designer Matti Klenell took the patterns from the iconic, perforated wooden chairs that were designed for the Finland Music Hall of Fame and turned them into something modern, fun and homey. Laulu means song in Finnish, and Klenell also made a cabinet to go along with it.



Shane Schneck, industrial designer and founder of Office for Design, unveiled the Punc chair with a cantilevered, suspended seat and an architectural profile. The chair is made from ash while the backrest is from molded plywood. Bonus: Punc is easily stackable.

Reading Horse

Katrin Olina Petrusdottir made a simple, elegant book stand, named Reading Horse, that’s versatile enough to fit into a range of interior aesthetics.


Both the Lammi and Laakso chairs are creations of Saku Sysio, a Finnish industrial designer based in Helsinki who founded and runs the design agency Aivan.


Goma Lounge Chair

Finnish architect Thomas Sandhell also works in furniture design, and Goma was initially designed to be a barstool, but the shape of it was so versatile and appealing, Sandhell made it into a chair and an armchair as well. The colors and the shape of Goma make it an eye catching presence – it’s the kind of chair that certainly dresses up and creates visual interest in a room.

Goma Bar Stool

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