Malgorzata Blachuta’s Klapniok Alternative Natural Seat

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Malgorzata Blachuta’s Klapniok Alternative Natural Seat

For Małgorzata Błachuta, a graduate of the art department at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, designed and built the Klapniok alternative natural seat for her Master’s Diploma. Inspired by the thought that many disorders we experience today – such as ADD, aggression, anti-social behavior, and more – have appeared as a consequence of losing our relationship with a natural environment. Błachuta posits that the cure is a return to nature and its materials, textures, and earthy colors.

She set off to design a utilitarian piece of furniture that would create a touchpoint between nature and the spaces we live within. Błachuta’s main objective was to create a durable, bio-hardened, biophilic, natural material that retains a natural fragrance, visual aspect, and biodegradability. And to do so while retaining a ​​sustainable development – the use of local materials, production at low emissivity, and made by local craftsmen. Birch wood, hay, cow skin, and a biophilic binder made from potato starch, glycerin, demineralized water, and citric acid are what she turned to for materials.

The name Klapniok, is a regional term for a stacked mound thats used to dry hay. In this case, Klapniok consists of four independent elements – two of that serve as seats and two that can be connected to the base. The modularity of the object allows it to be adjusted to the user and to the space. Many configurations and uses are possible, from sitting to lying down.

For more information, contact Małgorzata Błachuta at [email protected].

Photos by Mateusz Kiszela.

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