The Marvelously Minimalist ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser

09.02.16 | By
The Marvelously Minimalist ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser

Consider the average disposable transparent plastic adhesive tape dispenser, a design so common and recognizable, it’s exterior package is as synonymous with its content as a tissue box is to the tissues within. The upside down elephant profile design holds and dispenses the roll as needed, so it’s fair to say it’s a successful solution for a mundane task.


But in time those plastic teeth begin to fail and sometimes stop cutting strips effectively. What if you could minimize the form further while retaining these functional features, and in the process eliminate the plastic dispenser completely? The ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser is a solution to that effect.


Designer Pascal Heiler’s comma-shaped, centrifugal-cast niclafor (copper, nickel, and tin alloy) accessory is finished by hand and specified to fit 12 mm width adhesive tapes. To use, press onto the rocker-shaped ZYP-ZYP’s tapered end, cut required length of tape guided through its whistle slot against tooth edge, then For those seeking to embody the modernist dogmas of “less is more” and “form is function”, this pragmatic, if not elegant, office accessory by way of Germany probably presents an appealing reason to ditch disposable packs and buy rolls in bulk.


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