Mathieu Lehanneur Designs a Lounge Space That Makes You Want to Miss Your Flight

07.27.18 | By
Mathieu Lehanneur Designs a Lounge Space That Makes You Want to Miss Your Flight

For some, the beginning of a vacation starts when you land at your destination. For members of Air France, it starts at Le Balcon, a new exclusive space in the Air France Business Lounge at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in Terminal 2E.

Designed by designer Mathieu Lehanneur, Le Balcon is an architectural respite from navigating through the hustle and bustle of the airport. The curved structure features a golden mirrored ceiling that reflects the movement of passing travelers while glass screenings offer a glimpse of moving planes on the runway.

A central bar is surrounded by a series of theatrical box seats that provide a large sofa upholstered in blue velvet, a pedestal table, and the latest connectivity services. On the parquet floor, a large LED screen depicts an image of the sky that constantly changes throughout the day, imitating the outdoor sky in real time. A mixture of wood, marble, glass and light, Le Balcon was designed to start your trip off on a relaxed note.

Says Lehanneur:

Flying is to remain motionless in a moving world. It is feeling the cities and clouds slide under one’s feet. I wanted this space to work in the same way – at Le Balcon, one contemplates in silence the incessant movements of the sky and people.

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