Matriarch Rounds Out the In Your Skin Upholstery Collection

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Matriarch Rounds Out the In Your Skin Upholstery Collection

Matriarch is the sixth and final addition to the In Your Skin upholstery collection, a collaboration between HBF Textiles and product and interiors designer Erin Ruby. Aptly named, Matriarch is a twill weave with strong color combinations that evoke wisdom and experience. Visually, the twill blends bold complementary colored yarns to create a subtle melange and moire effect.

The six sensorial textiles in the woven fabric collection celebrate being comfortable in your own skin, inspired by the human experience and the ephemeral nature of life. Tactile with a handmade quality, In Your Skin looks like a residential product, yet has the durability for contract and hospitality environments. Each of the fabrics are certified Indoor Advantage Gold (SCS), woven and manufactured in the United States with wool locally sourced from the Midwest, and most patterns are made using post-consumer and/or recycled materials.

four brightly colored square throw pillows stacked on and leaning against a short bench

In Your Skin marks Ruby’s third collaboration with HBF Textiles. “Sometimes contract textiles can tend toward being cold or lifeless for pragmatic reasons, but this collection is so warm and tactile even with its high performance functionality. It’s full of life – imbued with optimism and aspiration, which I think will resonate within a space,” she shared.

four brightly colored square throw pillows stacked a short bench with a dog laying underneath it

The collaboration continues HBF Textiles’ focus on supporting women-owned businesses. “I love promoting talented female designers. It gives me a sense of pride to utilize the HBF Textiles platform to share their story and creative vision to a wider audience,” says Mary Jo Miller, Vice President of Design and Creative Direction at HBF Textiles. With like-minded mills and collaborators locally and globally, the brand continually explores the possibilities materiality can offer and how it can further connect us with other people and our environment.

violet square throw pillow with a hand resting on it

Ultra Violet

three brightly colored square throw pillows stacked

three brightly colored square throw pillows stacked

three brightly colored square throw pillows

two hands holding up a coral colored fabric swatch


two colored fabric samples

dark grey fabric swatch detail


coral fabric swatch detail


light pink fabric swatch detail

Rose Quartz

violet fabric swatch detail

Ultra Violet

light grey fabric swatch detail


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