Matteo Leorato Creates Marble Pieces That Rock

Matteo Leorato reaches back to his childhood memories, sensory experiences, and trips across the world to create his marble objects. Born in Verona, Italy, an innate sense of practicality and intuition for design has followed him throughout life, becoming more refined through international experiences and the city of Barcelona, where he now resides.

It’s well-known that marble is one of the most unforgiving materials, relying on respect as well as harmony from an artist when working with it. Leorato’s marble work focuses on creating a balance between harmony and curiosity, and is then ultimately brought to life with tension. The addition of human interaction is key, he says “I usually find myself far from the concept of a statue-like kind of object, but I love those products which are animated through the gestural expressiveness of the people who bring them to life: the wind-up watch is undoubtedly the object which best reflects this philosophy”. And the products he creates reflect that philosophy.

Leorato’s series of Venetian architecture-inspired coffee tables for Portego go by the name Loggia and feature a style of exterior arches normally seen supporting upper levels of buildings. Both Loggia and Loggia Large are made entirely of terrazzo.

Leorato is working with Progetto Rialto on contemporary terrazzo patterns – calm designs with balanced color and shapes that bring a light playfulness to the space they are within.

The Block Round marble lamp Leorato designed for Mondo Marmo Design is based on a cylindrical shape and displays a core not unlike fluorescent lighting.

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