Meet Hast: The Modern Knife Brand That’ll Get You Excited About Cooking Again

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Meet Hast: The Modern Knife Brand That’ll Get You Excited About Cooking Again

When developing Hast, founder Elliot Cao sought to create a knife that reflected a modern approach to cooking. In doing so, Hast has become synonymous with expertly crafted ultra-modern knives that bring a fun and creative energy to our kitchens. While I’m by no means an expert in the kitchen, I was fortunate enough to put these stylish knives to the test (check out our latest TikTok to see them in action!) – and am happy to report that the hype is real. Whether you’re a home cook stuck in a rut, or an expert chef interested in the latest and greatest, Hast will get you excited about cooking! Read on to learn why I’m all in on Hast and find them in the Design Milk Shop here.

Hast Knives black chef knife on a blue background surrounded by chopped vegetable ingredients

Your trusty cooking sidekick, the Hast Chef Knife (from $99) is perfect for everyday use. Use it to dice fruits and vegetables, cut through thick cuts of meat or chop delicate herbs.


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The Swedish word for fast and speedy, Hast knives are meticulously designed to ramp up your efficiency in the kitchen so you can focus on what really matters – finding joy in cooking. Made from a single piece of patented super steel, Hast has thoughtfully done away with superfluous features that may intimidate new or inexperienced cooks (like me) and make the knives harder to handle. Featuring clean, modern lines, the knives’ simple design allows their ease of functionality to shine and the user’s creative imagination to flourish. Available in a variety of stylish finishes, Hast knives not only look beautiful in my kitchen, but they’re also super low maintenance and easy to care for – the seamless body has no crevices for food grime or stains to hide behind – a major plus for germaphobes like me.

Hast 7 piece knife set and block in matte black colorway on a grey background.

The Hast 7 Piece Minimalist Knife Set (from $569) includes a full range of knives, along with a modern cylinder glass block and accompanying ceramic honing rod that’ll bring style to your countertop.

There are few things more frustrating than prepping fruit or vegetables with a dull knife. Hast understands this, which is why their knives feature durable, razor-sharp, Japanese-style blades that allow you to slice, dice, chop and mince with ease (this Minimalist Knife Set even includes a tailored ceramic honing rod so you can maintain the knives’ unparalleled sharpness for years to come). Here’s something I never thought I’d say: I enjoy dicing onions now, as long as I have my Hast knife in hand.

Hast Glossy Paring Knife with sliced fruit ingredients and citrus peel on a pink background

The Hast Kitchen Paring Knife (from $69) features a small but mighty blade that’s perfect for meticulous, detail-oriented cooking tasks like peeling small fruit or de-seeding peppers – making it a must-have in the kitchen!

Hast knives bold gold boning knife next to half of a fish body on a blue background

The Hast Boning Knife (from $79) effortlessly slices through tough proteins with ease and features a high-tip blade that helps loosen bones and remove fat and tendons. The perfect tool for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

Hast knives black chef knife being used to chop garlic

The ergonomic shape and proportional design of Hast Knives makes them comfortable to hold in the hands for seamless and precise action every time, so you can slice, dice and chop like a professional.

The high-quality blades and handles on Hast knives transition seamlessly into one another, creating one fluid and organic shape that features a slightly extended handle for additional support. The seamless lightweight construction and perfectly balanced proportions on Hast knives make them more comfortable to hold firmly in your hand, allowing you to maneuver them with more confidence and precision. Regardless of my mediocre knife skills, the ease of handling Hast knives made me feel like a seasoned professional – what could be more fun than that?!

Hast’s minimalist approach and expert craftsmanship paves the way for joyful and empowering experiences in the kitchen, regardless of your level of culinary expertise. With everything from essential chef knives, paring knives, bread knives and complete sets in their repertoire, there’s a knife to simplify meal prepping for every cook. And allow me to attest that once you experience cooking with Hast for yourself, I promise you won’t want to cook without them. Did we mention that Hast knives also make a top-tier holiday gift? Just some food for thought.

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