Meet memobento: The Stylish Lunchbox That Simplifies Meal Prep Hassles

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Meet memobento: The Stylish Lunchbox That Simplifies Meal Prep Hassles

If you think preparing your lunchbox the night before a day in the office or at school feels like a chore, trust us – you’re not alone. We already know that meal prepping can help save money, prevent single-use plastic waste, and mitigate climate change created from food waste that goes on to produce toxic methane gas in our atmosphere. So, even with all those good reasons, why does it still feel so laborious to pack a lunch?

The reality is that there are a few pain points that come to mind when prepping food, all of which are about to be solved with memobento. The new bento box-style lunchbox is designed by the makers of the popular memobottle, the slim water bottle that fits flat in any bag. With so many lunchboxes and meal prep containers already on the market, here are the reasons why memobento stands out (and why over 2,000 people have already backed the project).

Two women in a kitchen packing meals into bento boxes while smiling and interacting with each other. Various kitchen items are in the background

Unlike most systems that consist of just a container and a lid, memobento consists of three parts: a TritanTM plastic inner lid, a silicone inner container, and an outer shell (which is made of an outer container and an outer lid). The stackable silicone containers allow you to prepare multiple meals in advance and because they are BPA- and plastic-free, you can bake, heat, or even freeze your portions.

Person securing the lid on a stainless steel container in a kitchen, with chopped vegetables and cooking utensils on a nearby cutting board

A woman packs a meal into a rectangular blue container in a bright kitchen

A woman in a grey sweater and white skirt preparing food with a stainless steel lunch box, two compartmentalized containers, and a cutting board with sliced cucumbers in a kitchen setting

A woman is packing food into a lunch container on a kitchen counter, surrounded by various chopped vegetables and kitchen utensils

When it comes time to transport your food, simply place it into the memobento (stainless steel) or memobento Lite (polypropylene) containers. The triple-wall design provides insulation and prevents condensation. With multiple compartment divider configurations in the silicone containers, you can separate parts of your meal without worrying about leakage.

A woman places a dish in an open dishwasher in a modern kitchen, with a white appliance on the counter and various kitchen utensils in the background

Once it’s time to clean, you can take out the inner lid and silicone container to wash or pop them in the dishwasher. The clean outer shell can be stored away, ready to use the next day when you pop a new meal in. Whether you’re packing lunch for work, school, or family outings, memobento makes the process seamless and sustainable, catering to the needs of modern, eco-conscious consumers everywhere.

Person placing a gray rectangular lunch container labeled "B5" into a white tote bag on a counter

A girl with long dark hair and braces sits outdoors at a table, using a fork to eat from an orange lunchbox containing various foods

Two people sitting at an outdoor table eating packed meals from containers, one man with a fork and a woman partially visible in the foreground

Two people sitting at an outdoor table with meals in front of them, smiling and talking, with greenery in the background

The memobento Kickstarter ends June 6, 2024. To back this project, visit

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