Meet the New Audo Copenhagen + a Minimal Garden Collection

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Meet the New Audo Copenhagen + a Minimal Garden Collection

If you haven’t heard the news, MENU has united with The Audo and by Lassen to form Audo Copenhagen, a brand bringing together a century of Danish design tradition and collaborative spirit. With an outlook that’s continuously evolving, the furniture, lighting, and accessories brand focuses on purposeful details, high-quality materials, and everyday needs. The timely garden collection reflects classic minimalism, clean lines, earth tones, and natural materials that are adaptable for residential and commercial use. Let’s dig in – pun intended.

set of gardening tools

Pallares Plant Set

Pallarès x Audo Copenhagen Garden Tools

Five hand-forged, carbon steel gardening tools are the result of a collaboration with renowned Spanish toolmakers, Pallarès. The brand brings their longstanding expertise to the designs of a trowel, fork, hoe, shears, and pruners that are ready to take on weeding, planting, raking, and pruning with ease. Lightweight and ergonomic, the set features excellent strength and sharpness, and each tool is rust repellent with a beechwood handle and vegetable-tanned leather straps.

set of three gardening tools

Pallares Plant Set

lavender being snipped by pruners

Pallares Plant Pruner

two sphere-shaped organic planters in two sizes

Plantas Planters

Plantas Planters

Irregular curves and a textured surface characterize the Plantas Planters, which are made from matte ivory stoneware. Each one is finished by hand, making it entirely unique. The Plantas Planter comes in four sizes and is made for indoor use, but can be used outdoors using the included guidelines.

sphere-shaped organic planter on a plinth

Plantas Planter

five sphere-shaped organic planters

Plantas Planters

two sphere-shaped organic planters with watering sticks

Plantas Planters + Hydrous Watering Stick

four white stand planters of different heights outdoors

Daiza Planters

The Daiza Planter

The design of the Daiza Planter is centered about the belief that everyday objects should add to their space. A powder-coated metal stand cradles a large, glossy, reactive glazed earthenware pot that gives off the feel of an ancient vessel. Subtle changes in form, surface finishes, and firing temperature make each planter entirely unique. Available in four sizes of varying heights, the Daiza Planter is made for indoor use, but can be used outside when proper care instructions are followed.

white planter begin placed into its black stand

Daiza Planter

white stand planter

Daiza Planter

three modern vases of differing heights and colors

Hana Vases

Hana Vase

The Hana Vase found its inspiration in the ancient Japanese art of ikebana flower arranging. Designed in Copenhagen by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen, it’s a multifunctional vessel that’s available in three forms of stoneware, each with its own unique color and finish. A removable ceramic flower frog – or kenzan – sits inside the vase, holding stems in place vertically and horizontally to create the art’s principles of balance, harmony, and movement.

short black cylinder-shaped base with plant

Hana Vase

white cylinder-shaped base with stems

Hana Vase

orange cylinder-shaped base with stems

Hana Vase

white planter with plant on dark grey mantel

Hydrous Planter

The Hydrous Collection

Consisting of four elegant pieces, the Hydrous Collection is a must-have for plant care. A brushed stainless steel watering can with Anacacia wood handle, watering sticks, plant mister, and easy to water planters will help your plants thrive and look great doing it.

white planter with plant being watered at the base of the pot

Hydrous Planter + Hydrous Watering Can

white planter with plant being watered at the base of the pot

Hydrous Planters + Hydrous Watering Can

three oil lanterns of varying heights beside a pool

Meira Oil Lanterns

Meira Oil Lantern

Inspired by the earliest torches, the Meira Oil Lantern was designed by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen and is offered in four shapes of varying heights. The powder-coated steel design features a refillable oil chamber, a rust resistant finish, and wick lid to protect the lantern from the elements when not in use. Clean burning and mood-setting, Meira creates an ideal ambiance.

four oil lanterns of varying heights

Meira Oil Lanterns

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