Megan Geckler

“Every step you take, every move you make,” 2010, detail

Megan Geckler is a Los Angeles-based installation artist who creates site-specific one-of-a-kind installations using flagging tape. Flagging tape, which Megan discovered in graduate school, is a plastic ribbon typically used by construction workers on sites to mark space. Megan’s creations are a part of the space, and she uses the architecture as not only a construction to work from and tie into, but also as inspiration for the form of the piece. Each piece appears so precise and machine-made that it is hard to fathom that each is constructed by hand.

“Every step you take, every move you make,” 2010

Her most recent piece called “Every step you take, every move you make” (pictured above) is on display at the The Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) in the PMCA Project Room. PMCA wanted a piece that represents craft, art and design, which Megan’s work certainly does. The enormous 25′ x 30′ piece takes up practically all of the space in the gallery. She and her team of 20 worked for 700 man hours to create the behemoth.

“Twisted under, sideways down,” 2010 (top) and “I can tell you how this ends,” 2007 (bottom)

Megan starts each piece with a visit and walk through, then she sketches and follows that up with computer modeling. When she begins creating, she things about how the viewer will encounter the work. She says, “A ‘wow or WTF’ moment, followed by wandering around and experiencing the piece from all different angles. There is a sense of play, but also quiet.”

“Set a course for wayward schemes,” 2008 (top) and “When all the water is gone, the feeling lingers on,” 2008 (bottom)

“Every step you take, every move you make” will be on display through October 31, 2010.

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