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Melanin can also be incorporated into product scale structures such as the 12cm diameter sphere shown here. Its internal geometry and material distribution are computationally grown, 3D printed through high-resolution multi-material 3D printing and augmented with melanin. The generative growth process uses geometric rule-sets to create pattern formations often observed in the natural world. It enables to ‘evolve’ sets of formation ‘rules’ geared to optimize a given shape and its material properties based on specific structural and/or environmental criteria such as load or optimal insulation. Generated forms are then digitally fabricated using a multi-material 3D printing process from Stratasys, Ltd. The process leverages computational design and high resolution multi material 3D printing to generate intricate cavities, patterns, and channels within the spheres. The channels are then filled with five different hues of melanin, drawn from different sources—from cuttlefish ink to mushrooms to bird feathers. Credit: Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group.