Michael Tsinzovsky
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Israeli designer Michael Tsinzovsky’s graduate project involved researching local Israeli design and how local crafts are being phased out and replaced by mass-consumption.

From the designer:

In a young country without long tradition of arts & crafts & industrial design, that tries to be European in the center of the Middle East. This study case was designed through a glance at the local making cultures, from Arabic carpets & Arabesques, through the German carpenters that immigrated in the 50’s and up to the biggest industry in the country “Keter Plast” – plastic injected furniture, through the cultural mix between the people that gathered from all around the Diaspora and formed the “Melting-Pot” of the Israeli society.

In this chair and table, the ornament becomes the construction and vice-versa. This is to illustrate the idea of coexistence — society and nationalities in Israel, ornament and construction, craft and design, craft and industry, metal and wood, east and west, geography and nationality. Made of galvanized sheet metal and birch wood legs.

In this series of stools, Michael explores his thoughts and questions about local icons, crafts and materials with a delicate spice of politics and sarcasm. They’re called “Asli,” which means real, authentic, original and is often associated with black coffee, hummus, spices, east, local, politics, and sarcasm.

Photos by Oded Antman.

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