Michelin-Starred Chef Elena Reygadas Partners With R+D.Lab for Rosetta Collection

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Michelin-Starred Chef Elena Reygadas Partners With R+D.Lab for Rosetta Collection

This month, Michelin recognized Mexico’s top culinary talents, including Elena Reygadas, one of Mexico’s leading voices and the 2023 Best Chef in the World by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. To celebrate, try the Jasmine Margarita recipe from Reygadas’ restaurant Rosetta, served in the Sour Glass designed with R+D.Lab, her latest collaborative partner:

Jasmine Margarita
• 80 ml jasmine tequila
• 40 ml triple sec
• 40 ml lime juice
• 15 ml habanero syrup
Mix ingredients in a shaker, shake, and serve in a sour glass.

Jasmine Tequila
• 3.5 g jasmine tea leaves
• 375 ml tequila blanco
Combine ingredients. Cook sous-vide for 1 hour at 60ºC. Cool and fine strain.

Habanero Syrup
• 2 g dried habanero peppers
• 200 ml water
• 200 g sugar
Slightly toast the habanero peppers in a pan over low heat. Infuse habaneros in water overnight. The next day, strain and incorporate the sugar.

blonde woman standing in front of a bar in front of a painting

Chef Elena Reygadas \\\ Photo: Maureen Evans

Chef Reygadas, the soft-spoken, curly-haired mother of two, remains an inspirational leader in the culinary world. She influences global conversations not only around gastronomy but also society, the environment, and culture. She believes that restaurants should be places of pleasure and spaces where ideas and deeper reflections are shared. Her five restaurants range from a refined spot that people travel from all over the world to visit (Rosetta) to several casual concepts much loved by local diners (Lardo, Café Nin, and Bella Aurora), as well as a bakery that has achieved iconic status of its own (La Panadería de Rosetta).

cropped view of a black plate featuring style food from Rosetta

Araceli Paz / Rosetta

Elena Reygadas regularly attended large family gatherings centered around food. But it was around the time Reygadas’ brother convinced her to cater the crew meals for his film shoot of Japón, that she decided to attend the French Culinary Institute in New York. And after experiencing a city where food is fashion, she left for London, contributing to its culinary boom.

down view of styled food shot of red food on small white plate

Raspberry and garambullo tamal at Rosetta \\\ Photo: Maureen Evans

Motherhood brought Reygadas back home to Mexico. After running an underground supper club in Mexico City, she opened her own restaurant, Rosetta, celebrating Mexican ingredients and small producers with flavors that connect to the earth. Located in Roma Norte, the lush, open-air Rosetta also reflects Chef Reygadas’ passion for design, featuring handpicked table pieces, custom ceramics, and textiles from regional artisans. Next door is her concept store, Mesa Rosetta, which offers an immersive homeware experience with artisanal tableware, handcrafted decor, and locally sourced gourmet products, sharing stories of Mexican design, craftsmanship, and collaborations.

three-piece set of stemmed glassware with reflections at the bottom

Rosetta Collection \\\ Photo: Courtesy Rosetta and R+D.Lab

Chef Reygadas’ latest collaboration is with R+D.Lab, founded by Jay Vosghi and Sara Mostofi in 2006. R+D.Lab is a Milan-based design studio driven by reverence for aesthetics to create functional, sustainable, and meaningful products for modern life. Reygadas was initially introduced to R+D.Lab through FENN Apartamento proprietors, Sebastian de Vizcaya and Araceli Paz, who curate stunning tableware and are a resource for some of Rosetta’s high-quality ingredients.

Styled shot of a modern martini glass filled with dark red liquid in front of glass bottles

Rosetta Martini Glass \\\ Photo: Courtesy of Rosetta and R+D.Lab

With the Rosetta Collection, Reygadas and R+D.Lab draw upon their shared vision for design that seamlessly marries tradition and innovation through pieces that reveal an expression of everyday luxury. The R+D.Lab Rosetta Collection includes the Rosetta Sour, the Rosetta Martini, and the Rosetta Acqua, each handcrafted in Italy with Borosilicate glass, and shaped through a traditional mouth-blowing technique. With subtle curves, the glassware showcases elements of contemporary design blended with inspiration from the past, mirroring the design ethos behind the beloved restaurant.

small curved stemmed glass holding dark red liquid with ice on a wood table with moody lighting

Rosetta Acqua Glass \\\ Photo: Courtesy of Rosetta and R+D.Lab

Following its debut in May, the Rosetta Collection will be available for purchase through R+D.Lab’s website, and found at Restaurante Rosetta; Salón Rosetta, the lounge above the restaurant; and adjacent concept store Mesa Rosetta. FENN Apartamento will also have the collection available for purchase through their online shop.

And if you happen to be planning a trip to Las Vegas for World’s 50 Best Restaurants this year in June, you don’t want to miss Elena Reygadas and Sarah Thompson come together for a celebration of Mexican cooking at Casa Playa. Chef Sarah Thompson, who previously worked with Enrique Olvera of Pujol and hosts The World’s Best Female Chef 2023, joins Elena Reygadas of Rosetta in Mexico City for a five-course dinner exploring vibrant flavors from south of the border, complemented by luscious cocktails from Wynn’s master mixologist Mariena Mercer Boarini. Reserve your tickets to dinner for June 3rd.

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