Minimalist Nativity Set

Minimalist Christmases just got even more minimalist(y). London-based designer Emilie Voirin recently successfully funded the Minimal Nativity Set, a modern, handcrafted version of the Nativity scene.

Nativity Set- Emilie Voirin

Made out of beechwood or brass, the contemporary nativity scene consists of minimal pieces that have lost their features and colors for a streamlined appearance. The popular scene is now only recognized by the names inscribed onto the pieces.

Nativity Set- Emilie Voirin 2

The set is for everyone to interpret individually. Its minimalist take on the traditional biblical scene can lead to conversation about the accuracy of its representation.

Nativity Set- Emilie Voirin 3

“Each culture appropriates the features of the figures and I find the variations quite fascinating. This version is somewhat a compromise.”

Nativity Set- Emilie Voirin 5

The Kickstarter is also helping to fund a life-size installation to be exhibited at Southwark Cathedral in London.

Nativity Set- Emilie Voirin 6

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