Mjölk House by Studio Junction

Mjölk House is a minimalist residence located in Toronto, Canada, designed by Studio Junction. The project involved the renovation of the W.H. Ives Tailor Building of 1889, which included the restoration of its pressed metal facade, the renovation of its commercial ground floor into a design store and gallery, and the renovation of the second and third floor residential units into a single-family home.


The end result exemplifies the possibility of retaining a traditional landmark building while combining contemporary sensibilities into its structure. Ultimately, the designers were sensitive in retaining the consistency of the physical characteristics of the street. They also employed traditional strategies for increasing privacy and natural lighting through the use of courtyards and light wells.

The designers were meticulous in balancing even the slightest details between their commitment to preserve a historic retail frontage, and their task to recreate a contemporary program for the space. Studio Junction was able to complete a restoration that not only revitalizes one of Toronto’s main streets, but also in creating a uniquely relevant residential typology that coincides perfectly with the merchandise sold.







Photos by Joe Lin for Studio Junction.

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