The Model F by Luke Roberts Illuminates Where + How You Want

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The Model F by Luke Roberts Illuminates Where + How You Want
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The sleek and modern LED pendant light design of the Model F by Luke Robert is a glowing case of an “all-in-one” lighting source, delivering the typical overhead illumination of a pendant light with the directional specificity of a spot light, alongside a user-customizable indirect ambient mode capable of painting a room in color from a palette of 16 million hues.

Using similar color-customizable LED technology as found in Philips Hue bulbs, Luke Roberts’ innovation is adding directional spot lighting and cramming it all into a sleek pendant light design. The Model F’s direct and indirect modes are represented by a standard mode, with light projected underneath as a typical pendant lamp, capable of reproducing light temps within the range of 2700 – 4000K and glowing up to a very, very bright 4000 lumens. Switched to indirect mode, the Model F adds light upward for ambience, permitting users to choose from over 16 million colors, and bathe room’s ceiling in mood-enhancing hues.

But the Model F’s most impressive option may be its directional mode, inviting users to control illumination with spot light precision via app, all without having to physically re-adjust the position of the light. Intended to be used for gallery-style illumination, the Model F can highlight art on the walls, objects on a shelf, or to provide direct light to reenact your favorite movie interrogation scenes.

The Model F’s indirect lighting can be customized using the app’s color picker UI, also offering the option to change and direct lighting in spotlight mode.

The Model F is operable using both iOS and Android apps, but can also be controlled using standard light switches or hands-off with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Additionally, the light automatically selects preferred lighting scenes by learning user habits.

Available in black, white, or gray finishes, the all-aluminum Model F’s swirled vented design isn’t merely aesthetic, but also optimized for heat dissipation.

At $800 the Model F is admittedly an investment purchase, but considering its multi-purpose capabilities – with the ability to switch between living and working environment duties with just a swipe or press – the pendant arguably assumes the space efficient role and function of three lights in one, an ideal solution for those who subscribe to “less is more” environments.

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