Modernist Pillows That Bring Color, Pattern + Texture Into the Home

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Modernist Pillows That Bring Color, Pattern + Texture Into the Home

One of the easiest ways to transform or update a space is to update its accessories, specifically with pillows. Compared to furniture or lighting, it’s a relatively low-cost investment and it’s what distinguishes one person’s style from another. The best part is you can change up the look of your space frequently and easily because pillow covers take up almost no space at all. For a design that’s punchy in color and minimalist in design, we love the pillow covers by Jillian Rene Decor.

Designer Jillian Carmine started her design career by earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. She launched her first design in 2012 shortly after graduating, which was discovered by leading stylists and received press recognition in HGTV and Country Living Magazine. She draws inspiration from nature, fashion and mid-century modern design and translates it into home textiles that are rich in color and texture, with minimalist patterns that will suit different interior design styles.

Jillian’s latest collection of pillow covers include various designs: monochromatic color blocking, grid paneling with stripes, and fringe layers that evoke off a modern boho feel. For a color palette that feels current, Jillian also gives nod to Pantone’s Colors of The Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

Jillian Carmine

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