My Holiday Wishlist: Annie
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We don’t do gift guides here on Design Milk because, well, everyone does them. We like to be different. So we decided to go in another direction this year. Since our staff is getting larger, we thought it would be fun to ask each person what was on their wishlist this holiday season. So, every day for next 2 weeks we’ll feature a staff wishlist. Here’s what Annie’s list includes:

1. Linea Ice Oro at Gretel
Thinking that an incredibly gorgeous set of flatware will inspire me to cook more incredibly wonderful meals!

2. Bubble Chandelier by Jean Pelle
Just because it’s beautiful, do I really need a better reason?!  Oh and because I’m obsessed with lighting!

3. Mushroom Nos Da Blanket at Gretel
I love a super soft blanket and I love pattern!  Also don’t know if my tiny radiator is going to keep me warm this winter.

4. Nomadic Wonderland by Eunsuk Hur
This will look absolutely gorgeous with my new sofa…wink wink.  The fact that it’s an interchangeable modular system that I can transform is amazing!

5. Joie Refugee Lace Up Boot from Shopbop
I can’t bear to part with my perfectly worn in boots I’ve had for years, but I think it’s time.  These boots may be just what it takes to make me forget about them!  The perfect mix of combat and riding boot…gorgeous!

6. B14 Bathsystem by Boffi
Because a girl can dream, right?!

7. Alaskan Malamute puppy photo by Rigor & Samnooshka
It’s the cutest puppy in the world!  If you’re looking to adopt this holiday be sure to check your local shelters!

8. Faceted Wooden Rock by Kindling Shop
These would make the perfect centerpiece for my dining table.

9. Fuji Instax Instant Camera at Photojojo
So I can simplify just one thing in my life!

10. Sketchbook 2009 Drawing 16 of 32 by Ms. Jaime Derringer
Because it is awesome.  When and if she decides to sell this one…I’ve got first dibs!  So for now it’s just on my wishlist!

11. Boyd Sofa by Pinch Design
Really looking forward to snuggling with my new puppy on this “ultimate curl-up” sofa.  I swear he won’t chew on the legs!