MyWorld by Philippe Starck for Cassina

Leave it to design genius Philippe Starck to create a lounge system that’s built for not only comfort, but staying connected as well. Italian furniture manufacturer Cassina had asked him to design a sofa many years before but he always saw the sofa as “obsolete.” Now, he sees them as a necessity for the changing world where leisure time is just as important as work, especially for those with more flexibility between the office and home. Partnering on the MyWorld collection brought Cassina’s level of high quality and impeccable taste together with Starck’s razor sharp design aesthetic, to create a modular seating system that could work for anyone.


From Starck:

“We live in a schizophrenic society. Let’s assume that. MyWorld is a cocoon, a nest, a world where we can be egocentric and comfortably commune with our own shadow or collect some snatches of news from the world, that is said to be real.”


MyWorld is available in a two-seater sofa, a three-seater sofa, an armchair, a chaise lounge, and pouf with two incorporated drawers. There are also tables, both side surfaces and freestanding, and box-cupboards that slide out. Screens are available to create privacy and definition around the sofa.


We all lead different lives and one sofa doesn’t fit all. This unique system allows you to adapt various aspect to your own needs, like relaxing, conversing, eating and drinking, working, or whatever. The pieces can be grouped together and accessories can be added on to make it work for you. The system even incorporates an electrical charging station, a USB charger, and a Duracell Powermat wireless charging solution all hidden within the box-cupboard, so you can continue to work while powering up your devices.





The man himself

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