Nature Lab: Showcasing British Craft at London Design Fair

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Nature Lab: Showcasing British Craft at London Design Fair

Nature Lab, an exhibition at London Design Fair, brings together six different makers to showcase how ordinary, everyday substances can be transformed into “objects of wonder.” Through design, these six British crafts people tell the story of nature, transformed. Called a laboratory, the objects are themed around the idea of wild nature being frozen in time, sparking intrigue and delight. The installation was initially designed by Gitta Gschwendtne and features the below six makers.


Marlène Huissoud used traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques and created a unique material out of bee resin that resembles glass.



Emily Gardiner created a stunning series of sculptural ceramics that look like they have been frozen mid action—unfurling or growing out of their containers.



Marcin Rusak created a sleek material for furniture that is actually delicate flowers, captured in resin. It is both light and heavy, ephemeral and long lasting.



Eleanor Lakelin handcrafted wood sculptures, peeling back the superficial layers to reveal the chaos hidden underneath.



Lamp designer Jochen Holz created a winding, neon filled table lamp that brings to mind the basic elements of nature.


Joseph Harrington used the salt of the line to sculpt ice into landscapes. Focusing on rugged coastlines, the salt imitates the natural erosion that results from time.



Naturelab is presented by Crafts Council and The New Craftsmen.

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