Neolith Creates an Art Installation-Like Showroom with Sintered Stone Surfaces

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Neolith Creates an Art Installation-Like Showroom with Sintered Stone Surfaces

Spanish premium surface brand Neolith is the pioneer behind Sintered Stone, a material that not only boasts more than a dozen coveted qualities such as scratch-resistance and for traffic suitability, but also provides show-stopping beauty in any number of applications.

All Neolith slabs are 100% natural and carbon neutral, making them appropriate for specification in any professional or residential application. In the midst of COVID-19, it’s important to note that Neolith announces it is one of the safest and most hygienic materials available that doesn’t compromise on performance and visual appeal.

Recently, Neolith and its Asia Pacific Branch teamed up with Chinese distributor TechSize and Willow Design Co. Ltd to bring their Shenzhen Showroom to life, with Neolith Sintered Stone specified throughout the entire space. Shenzhen, Guangdong is one of China’s most creative cities, making it the perfect location to highlight the surface’s versatility and its colors and patterns in spectacular fashion. The interiors of the Neolith TechSize showroom have been built on a grand scale, with the majority of the furnishings throughout surfaced in Neolith, to give architects, specifiers and consumers a full panorama of progressive design to explore.

Commenting on the overall concept, Hong Jiahong, technical director at TechSize says, “We wanted every visitor to the showroom to get a true impression of Neolith’s design potential. By specifying the material across every surface in the space, we have been able to showcase its versatility and flexibility. This holistic application delivers real wow factor, allowing our customers to immerse themselves in Neolith, unlocking their creativity and encouraging them to work with the material.”

In the central area of the showroom, you’ll find walls clad in moody, muted Basalt Black, which frame full-size slabs of polished Estatuario, Calacatta, Nero Marquina, Mont Blanc, Mar Del Plata and more popular eye-catching Neolith colors and patterns. Other nearby highlights include a set of curved, multi-layered benches in Zaha Stone, with each descending strata seductively tapering out, paying homage to futuristic, space-age design.

One aspect of the TechSize Showroom that’s sure to make a big impression on visitors is the role that shadow and light play in the conceptual development of the space’s design. Playfully illuminating Neolith creates a dramatic visual impact. For example, one corridor in Beton and shot through with LED strip-lighting was programmed to light up in a cascade as someone walks through, creating a cool, futuristic aesthetic. Lighting was also strategically placed throughout the showroom to throw the various Neolith slabs into relief, helping specific applications, such as a minimalist cantilevered staircase clad in Iron Moss, stand out by accentuating its sculptural beauty.

Symmetry, continuity and incongruity were further thematic considerations for the designers. They wanted to display Neolith’s ability to achieve seamless designs, yet also deliver visual contrast if the specification requires. Neolith’s potential as a 360° material is explored in one of the meeting rooms, with all applications cladded with one single model, Estatuario floors, walls and even ceiling.

Two further walls in the showroom’s central area and entranceway highlight consistency and juxtaposition. One is a full wall delivered in Calacatta, the other a frenetic one in which square-cut tiles of Estatuario are placed in an asymmetrical pattern. This latter effect is further enhanced by the presence of an expansive reception desk in Iron Moss.

Ultimately, the designers behind the showroom wanted to create a destination for Neolith’s design audience while drawing inspiration from culturally significant sites across the world by including as many unique features as possible. Some, like a world map plotted out in various Neolith colors, are immediately obvious, others require the visitor to explore the showroom before they’re uncovered. Stepping into the Neolith TechSize showroom is like stepping into a modern gallery full of works of art.

Mar Esteve Cortes, Neolith CMO, adds, “One only has to look at the range of imaginative and unusual installations to see that, when using Neolith, the only limit is the imagination. China is one of our fastest growing markets with a dynamic and ever-changing architectural and design scene. This unique space reflects this, offering specifiers an insight into the universal appeal of Neolith surfaces, from its strong aesthetic and unrivaled performance to its high levels of hygiene and sustainable production.”

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