Nest Smart Thermostat

Thermostats. They’re not all that exciting… until now.

Nest is a new thermostat that learns. After installation, you tell Nest a few things and it begins to learn how and when you change the temperature.

After about a week, Nest has noted your schedule and will make adjustments based on that schedule. If you are away on Mondays, Nest will note and turn down the temperature. If you turn the heat or air down at night, Nest will adapt to that behavior and make sure it gets done, even if you forget. It also has energy-saving modes like Auto-Away™ and Energy History. A little green leaf will appear when you’re in energy-saving mode.

You can also access Nest online or via an app on your smartphone and control the temperature remotely.

Nest Founder Tony Fadell says, “Turns out you change the temperature in your house 1500 times a year. 1500! Our thermostat learns what temperatures you like so it can program itself. It senses when you’re out and turns itself down. And we started from scratch with design, so it’s beautiful. Gorgeous hardware, easy install, fully integrated software, remote control from your smartphone.”

I’m sold, are you?

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