New Designs by Robert Bronwasser for Cascando
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Dutch design brand Cascando presents a completely new series of nature-inspired interior accessories by Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser. Not only will these designs make the workplace more personal, but they can be used in the home as well. These smart, functional and expressive designs warm my heart since as you know — I’m a sucker for a good coatrack.

Branch wall hooks
Branch is the wall hook from the new Nature series. Branch has five pegs and can be used both individually and in combination, in which case the units form a branch when fitted side by side. A light-hearted, decorative object for any wall.

Tree coat stand
Hang your coat on the tree! This tree-shaped coat stand will bring any room to life. The Tree coat stand forms part of Cascando’s new Nature series: a range of light-hearted elements for the home or office. Tree is a stable, freestanding coat stand which can hold as many as 20 coats.

These remind me a bit of the Swedese coat rack by Katrin Petursdottir and Michael Young.

Plant side table
Plant is the side table from the Nature series. The glass top has a light-hearted asymmetric shape, which highlights the unusual and slightly quirky character of Plant.

Forest coat rack and coat hanger
Forest forms part of the new Nature series. Forest can be fitted with hooks or coat hangers. The matching Forest coat hanger was specially designed for this series. Forest is available in various widths and is supplied as standard with two uprights (available with more uprights upon request).

Leaf magazine board
The Leaf magazine board is an attractive and practical magazine or brochure holder which forms part of the Nature series. The sturdy shape makes Leaf highly suitable as a free-standing item. The warm gray color has an informal feel which fits into any environment. Leaf is stable, can be folded flat and is easy to move around.

Leaf whiteboard
The Leaf whiteboard is part of the Nature series and forms a surprising and inspiring element in any conference room. The whiteboard contrasts attractively with the stand, which is warm gray. The whiteboard is made of high-grade enameled steel. The small aluminium shelf can accommodate pens and paper.

Snow coat stand and side table
Snow is a striking, white coat stand with a top in the shape of an ice crystal. With a completely white textured finish, Snow has a clean-cut, minimalist feel. Snow can hold 24 coats and lends a dynamic touch to any interior, whatever the season. The Frost side table, like the Snow coat stand, is entirely finished in white and has a satin glass top.

Flake wall hooks
Flake is the wall-mounted version of the Snow coat stand and is shaped like an ice crystal. Flake has a matte white textured finish which enhances the minimalist feel of the product. When mounted on a colored wall, Flake forms an expressive and striking element in the interior. Flake can hold four coats.

Coat Lamp coat stand and lamp
At first glance this product appears to be a lamp, but closer examination reveals a coat stand which can accommodate eight coats. Coat Lamp is a hybrid interior solution which can be supplied with or without integrated lighting. The shade is available in various different colors. Whilst Coat Lamp is suitable for use at home, it is ideal at work or in a public area where the aim is to create a pleasant and informal atmosphere.

Twist coat stand
The Twist coat stand is made entirely of American ash. This attractive wood gives the coat stand a warm appearance. Twist can be used in the living environment, but also creates a natural and relaxed atmosphere in a reception room or at the workplace. Twist can hold nine coats.

Pole coat stand and coat hanger
Pole is a sturdy coat stand which can hold eight coats. The Pole coat hanger matches the coat stand perfectly in terms of form and color. Together, they make an attractive whole, with the rounded shapes guaranteeing a friendly image. The coat stand and hangers are available in several colors. In the colors blue, orange and fuchsia, Pole comes across as cheerful and fresh. The white combination is clear-cut and minimalist, whilst the coat stand is chic and elegant in black.

Stick wall hooks and coat hanger
The Stick wall hooks radiate pure simplicity. Together with the Pole hanger, Stick forms an unusual combination. This coat hanger suits it perfectly, both in terms of form and colour. Stick wall hooks are suitable for one or two coats. Available in white, black and various colours.

Descriptions above provided by Smool.

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