A New Inaugural Collection from Incipit

Incipit is a new design company that was established in 2013. Conceived as a company that’s “made by young people for young people”, Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein used crowdfunding to raise money to make their designs happen.

Incipit Bloom (3)

In their debut collection, Incipit shares a series of playful objects and accessories that add a touch of irony to the home or work space. Each of the objects summon a playful spirit that can be reimagined by the user.

Incipit Bloom (1)

Incipit Louis  (1)

Incipit Louis  (2)

Using clean shapes, their inaugural line is made from simple and natural materials, like metal, glass, marble, and wood. Each accessory was created by collaborating with young designers, exemplifying Incipit’s drive to work with fresh, new talent.

Incipit Artico (3)

Incipit Artico (2)

Incipit Pita

Incipit Moai  (1)

Incipit Sula (1)

Incipit Intempo

Incipit Clip (3)

Incipit Chip (3)

Incipit App

Incipit Roll

Incipit Barlume (3)

Incipit Tull (1)

Remember the TULL lamp we featured recently? It’s a part of the collection too.


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