“New Work” by Ben & Aja Blanc at Salon Boston

12.10.18 | By
“New Work” by Ben & Aja Blanc at Salon Boston

You may have seen Ben & Aja Blanc’s work before – their popular Half Moon Mirror is a coveted piece that’s been featured in many interior design spaces and homes. The design studio just opened their first ever solo show at Salon Boston, a new gallery that’s dedicated to independent American design.

From November 29 through January 27, you can view the 12 brand new mirrors created exclusively for their “New Work” exhibition for Salon Boston. The mirrors explore the juxtaposition of form, texture and transparency using natural fibers and pairing translucent with mirrored glass surfaces. “New Work” also features the duo’s new Superi collection that “explores tension in minimalist form and superfluous shape.”

Visit The Gallery at Salon at 126 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114.

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