The Nostalgic Apron-Front Sink Makes a Modern Comeback

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The Nostalgic Apron-Front Sink Makes a Modern Comeback

One of my favorite current design trends is the idea of incorporating rural design elements into modern homes. Case in point: the modern barn…

Not convinced that a modern barn house is a thing? We’ve written about them a lot and even created this round up. If you need an outside perspective, this hashtag has close to 2,000 submissions.

If you’re on Redfin now in search of a patch of land to build your own modern barn house, well… join the club. A pastoral home on a picturesque hill is hard to come by though, so start with the interiors of your own instead. Fortunately with today’s market, it’s easy to mix modern with traditional design in a variety of price points. Architecture aside, we’re seeing small ways to bring these design elements into a modern home. While filling a kitchen with state-of-the-art technology and appliances can be exciting, there’s something to be said about deferring to simple furnishings that have withstood the test of time. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Especially if it functions really well? A kitchen item that’s been making its way back to the heart of the home is the simple farmhouse apron-front sink, not just for its nostalgic look, but for the details that add superior value to its functionality. As someone who dreads washing dishes, I can really appreciate a beautiful but functional kitchen fixture like an apron-front sink, and BLANCO makes classic ones that would compel me to cook and clean (I currently operate on a “I cook, you clean” contract in my home ;) ).

There are a number of elements to an apron-front sink that make it preferable to its modern counterparts. For example, apron-front sinks are more ergonomically-friendly because they’re more forwardly placed, so you don’t need to bend and break your back to wash dishes. They’re also deeper, wider, and usually just have one main bowl, which is perfect for those unwieldy, clunky pots and pans that just seem monstrous inside traditional sinks. If washing dishes always turns into a splash zone for you too (no, just me?), the deeper capacity can help with that, too.

Lastly, undermount designs like BLANCO’s IKON® and PROFINA™ sinks make it easy to wipe annoying crumbs straight into the sink and down the drain (because wiping crumbs to the edge of your countertop and into your hand never really turns out well, does it?). For a contemporary spin on this classic design, BLANCO’s IKON® is crafted from SILGRANIT®, a patented granite composite material that’s scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant. If you’d like your sink to fit in with your appliances, the QUATRUS™ apron-front sink is made of durable, high-quality stainless steel.

Wondering how you can add an apron-front sink and bring it all together? Here, let us help you visualize it:

1. Original Retro Fridge by Big Chill | 2. Sico Trivets by Puik Art, available at Moxon London | 3. Walnut Kite Wooden Board by Sarah Sherman Samuel | 4. Wooden Spoon and Butterknife by the Red Bird Shop, available on Etsy | 5. Sage Sconce by Schoolhouse Electric | 6. PROFINA™ Sink by BLANCO | 7. Torbin Bar Stool by Aeon, available at All Modern | 8. Norden Hudson Linen Tea Towel by Norden Goods | 9. 5pc. Izon Flatwear Set in Gold by Threshold, available at Target | 10. Stove by La Cornue, available at Williams Sonoma | 11. Bon Appétit Dutch Oven by Le Creuset, available at Nordstrom | 12. Hex Knob in Natural Brass by Schoolhouse Electric

Now that we’ve made the case for embracing the classic apron-front sink trend, we’d love to know: would you add one in your home?

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