Send Annotated Pics + Audio with Note Rocket

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10.30.13 | By
Send Annotated Pics + Audio with Note Rocket

My whole life lately seems to be about photo sharing. Instead of a quick tweet, I typically end up shooting a visual and posting it online with a caption. I’m a very visual person, so I’d prefer to scroll through your pictures than look at a column full of words… and thanks to the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, I know I’m not alone.

Panda Eyed Devs have developed a new app for iPhone called Note Rocket that pretty much has my name written all over it. It’s a picture annotation app so you can write notes on your photos, draw doodles and then upload them as you normally would to Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can even upload them to Dropbox and, which is great for working folk.


On top of that, you can even attach a voice recording or soundbite. Imagine sending your friends a snap of you on vacation in the Caribbean with the words “wish you were here!” written on top… but then imagine that you can also attach the sounds of the sun, sand and sea along with it so they can experience it with you. Or, be insanely jealous.


Note Rocket also has folder options so that you can organize your photo notes into categories or pass them on to Evernote. This isn’t just a fun app to play with between friends; it’s useful for business, too. Send visual questions colleagues, share pics and notes from meetings or off-site events… Designers, architects, product/project managers, sales executives can iron out all manner of issues and enable swift and detailed responses to problems.


Whatever it is you need to share, I’m pretty sure Note Rocket’s got you covered.

Note Rocket is currently available for download in the iTunes store here.

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