[VIDEO] Nothing Fancy: A Minimalist Wallet Solution by Chieh Ting Huang

02.08.13 | By
[VIDEO] Nothing Fancy: A Minimalist Wallet Solution by Chieh Ting Huang

What do you have when you take a single piece of non-stitched leather and throw in a rubber band to wrap around it? You have Nothing Fancy, a minimalist wallet, designed by Chieh Ting Huang, that uses few materials and scales back the function of a wallet to its original purpose.

Inspired by that ever-so-classy way of bundling up a wad of cash with a rubber band, these wallets will not only contain your bills, they’ll contain your other stuff because they’ve re-imagined the coin case, passport holder, and iPhone case. The heavyweight leather and strong rubber bands keep all of your important stuff contained in each nifty, minimal package.

The wallet contains two sections – one for your paper bills and the other for credit cards.

The iPhone holder protects your phone and also has a slit in the back to house your credit cards.

The coin case folds up into a triangle to contain all of your loose pocket change.

The passport holder features a pocket for your boarding pass and other various travel documents.

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