Oakywood Adds Warmth to Work From Home Setups

Understandably there’s been uptick in the amount of discussions revolving around everything related to the “perfect home office”. While we all want functional home offices, most of us also want to create a designated space where we feel like working from, a subjective and personalized environment reflective of who we are and what we do. Small personalized touches that add style and warmth aren’t extraneous, they’re details that boost comfort and productivity daily. Thus, we’re big fans of WFH solutions like Oakywood’s collection of work from home accessories that deliver functional organization with a degree of warm style. Here are a few of our favorites from the collection:

Vertical Laptop Stand \\\ $59
Whether you’re storing away a laptop or attaching it to an external monitor, this faceted dock made from solid walnut or oak wood securely holds laptops while freeing up desk space.

QI Wireless Charger \\\ from $89
Living with necessities of tech maintenance is a reality we all have to live with. Fortunately wireless charging has simplified the requirement of keeping our mobile devices fully juiced sans cables, and we like this one doesn’t scream out “TECH!”, all the while delivering fast 10W wireless charging.

iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods Charging Dock \\\ from $79
If you’re going to set a place aside for charging a device, you might as well have one that covers multiple devices helping to declutter and keep order. The latest iPhones have kept the Lightning charging connection intact, which means this dock will work with the newest iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini, down to the iPhone 5, if you’re somehow still rocking that relic. In the meantime, it also charges the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and SE, along with AirPods and AirPods Pro.

2-in-1 Wireless Charger + Headphone Stand \\\ from $99
If you’re one to rock headphones while you work, this headphone stand keeps them up and out of the way when you’re not using them. Plus the wooden base charges your iPhone and other Qi-enabled devices all in one simple stand.

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