Orbitkey Desk Mat Covers Home Office Productivity + Organization

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Orbitkey Desk Mat Covers Home Office Productivity + Organization

A clutter-free desk, while a ubiquitous norm according to social media, is more rare than commonplace. And that’s because small and loose paperwork, stationery, and other miscellaneous items tend to accumulate across desks over the work weeks. The Orbitkey Desk Mat is designed to address the reality of clutter creep in the home office with a simple set of layered details that elevate this desk mat from its one-dimensional competition.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat’s key feature is its minimal, yet functional dual layer design which operates as a sort of minimalist document drawer. Peek underneath a top layer of vegan leather and you’ll find a soft recycled PET felt (the “Document Hideaway”) designed for the safe keeping of loose paper and notes within its fold.

Available in two sizes, medium and large, the smaller of the two is able to comfortably accommodate for a computer keyboard or 15-inch laptop and a mouse, while the larger mat’s depth also allows for a tablet or A4 paper. Each offer the additional benefit of providing a smoother mousing surface.

While not as luxe as a leather mouse pad nor as fully expansive as my current favorite desk pad, an enormous layer of genuine leather backed by cork, the Orbitkey’s faux leather does come with benefits: it’s easy to clean with just a dampened cloth.

The dual layer surface is topped with a Toolbar, a dedicated elevated concave channel formed to keep stationery items and tech peripherals like a stylus or USB flash drive from wandering across the desk. It’s a welcome detail especially for Apple Pencil, Surface Pen, or Wacom stylus users, all who like to keep their digital tools nearby.

Additionally, an adjustable Magnetic Cable Holder adds another layer of organization to the Desk Mat’s arsenal, preventing cables and cords from migrating or falling off the desk.

Orbitkey Lead Designer Kieran Ball with Co-Founder and Design Director Charles Ng

Available in two sizes, medium and large, and in two colors, black and stone, the Orbitkey Desk Mat is available in the Design Milk Shop here.

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