The Osloform Serpentine Stereo Is Stunningly Simple

09.21.16 | By
The Osloform Serpentine Stereo Is Stunningly Simple

Simple is a word which can be equated as a positive or negative. If taken to an extreme, being “simple” connotes the unsophisticated, a very ordinary state. But simple within the context of “simplicity” can be the realization of the effortless, the embodiment of the easily operable, and the sincerely beautiful. In the case of the Osloform Serpentine Stereo, the latter definition is definitely applicable, a very simple and timeless stereo speaker system.


It may seem on first glance, what you see is very much what you get with this minimalist stereo system. But the devil is in the details, as in the case of the best in minimalism. The speckled exterior case is constructed with Valchromat, fibrous wood panels impregnated with green or grey dye and resin, then accessorized with a sexy single brass volume knob. Similarly, each speaker is covered with radiant perforated brass speaker covers for a glamorous finish. Then hidden from view is one additional hi-end detail: a Class D IcePower Bang and Olufsen amplifier good for 2 x 50W, with connections for phono-in and a buffered line input for digital sources. Simple, right?





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