Påhoj is a Bike Seat and Stroller in One

If you have kids, you know that the last thing you need is yet another THING to carry, remember, and lug around. That’s why I really love this Påhoj concept. Swedish designer Lycke von Schantz has transformed the simple bike seat into a stroller so you can bike with your kid to the park, the store, wherever and not need to worry about their little legs getting tired – the seat simply transforms into a very basic stroller. Not only is this a great inventoion for parents who are exhausted and don’t need any more “stuff”, but it encourages parents to get out there and bike – a more environmentally and healthy way to get from one place to another. It also sets a great example for the little one.




Lycke says, “Growing up in Lund, Sweden’s largest bike city, and living several years in Amsterdam, biking has always been the natural way of transportation for me. Why should becoming a parent put an end to that?”






Watch a video about Påhoj:

Påhoj has been safety tested at BRIO´s former test lab in Osby, Sweden.

We’re keeping an eye out for this project – it’s coming to Kickstarter soon!

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