PARK Gives a Soccer Ball to a Kid in Need for Every Ball Purchased

07.10.17 | By
PARK Gives a Soccer Ball to a Kid in Need for Every Ball Purchased

Sam Davy and Tara Montoneri have not only found a way to pass along their love of soccer, they’ve managed to do it while inspiring kids to help fellow kids in need. Through the start of their PARK Social Soccer Co., a socially conscious soccer brand, they’ve launched the Pass-A-Ball Project – an one-for-one initiative where for every ball purchased, an identical ball is given to a child in need. So far, over 1,000 balls have been given to kids in eight countries! And it’s not your average soccer ball – this one has a bold, graphic design that’s bound to be fun to play with.

The Australian brand recognized that sometimes something as small as a soccer ball can make a difference in a child’s life. Not everyone has the luxury of going out and buying a soccer ball when they want one, so this project is a great way to give back. The game of soccer is fairly universal and has a tendency to bring people together while offering hope and opportunity where it might not have been before. With many disadvantaged communities falling for the game, it inspired the duo to reimagine what this simple ball could do.

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