Patcraft’s Deconstructed Metal Carpet Tile Collection

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Patcraft’s Deconstructed Metal Carpet Tile Collection

Alloy Shimmer, Nickel Graphite

Patcraft is a leader in commercial carpet and flooring as they are looking for new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. One of their latest collections, Deconstructed Metal, flips the script, quite literally, by bringing the primary backing material to the forefront. Typically the backing is designed to hold the carpet fibers in their proper place, hidden below so it’s not seen. Patcraft has utilized a new metallic backing, in titanium, bronze, and graphite, that subtly peeks through the pattern thanks to the varied fiber heights. The result is a versatile collection with a unique textured surface that offers moments of sparkle for added dimensionality. To give us more insight into the new Deconstructed Metal collection, we spoke with Shannon Cochran, Patcraft Vice President of Creative and Design, who breaks it down for us. Take a look:

Nickel Graphite, Nickel Titanium, Nickel Bronze

What is unique about this particular collection?

Deconstructed Metal is an innovative product highlighting current trends in commercial interiors. It was created through patent-pending manufacturing technology that exposes the primary backing as a detail within the product design and pattern.

As the second collection in our Deconstructed platform, Deconstructed Metal extends this unique design philosophy by uncovering a glimpse of sparkle in the inner workings of the floor’s foundation. By transforming the traditional carpet construction, these products uncover a new dimension in design, exposing the raw elements of the carpet’s construction in three dazzling colored primary backings featured beneath the fiber.

Metallic Alchemy, Nickle Bronze

What are some of the challenges and benefits of designing textiles?

Innovation is not always linear. Oftentimes challenges arise through the process of creating something new. With Deconstructed Metal we incorporated a completely new primary backing into our system and collaborated with new partners to create this unique collection. It was certainly challenging at times but worth the ongoing effort to ensure we stayed true to our commitment to creating stylish high-performance floors.

Our design process was complex with this collection in working with the backing manufacturer, our internal manufacturing and the product development and marketing teams to fine tune the new manufacturing requirements. Even though we have a collection building off of this same platform in the market, the woven backing presented new challenges. We had many stumbles along the way, but our goal is to fail forward, learn from iterations and move to the next improved idea to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Backed in titanium, bronze and graphite, Deconstructed Metal uses the metallic primary backing to create a unique textural pattern with hints of sparkle, adding depth and texture to the dimensional design.

Exposed metallic primary backing creates subtle light reflectance in a space and heightens awareness of innovative product engineering.

Shannon Cochran, Vice President of Creative and Design

Mood board

Mood board

With Deconstructed Metal, from backing to fiber, Patcraft had to understand the effects of the deconstructed design on each ingredient as well as in the compilation of ingredients in the final product. It was a process that tested their design and manufacturing teams to think differently about how they do things and what performance means to each end user.

Can you tell us about the manufacturing process?

The manufacturing process for Deconstructed Metal was truly an exercise in balance. In many cases, the artistry that drives the aesthetic and the technical processes that fulfill the performance requirements of a product are on opposite ends of the design spectrum. This was the underlying balance for Deconstructed Metal. From backing to fiber, we had to understand the effects of the deconstructed design on each ingredient as well as in the compilation of ingredients in the final product. It was definitely a process that tested our design and manufacturing teams to think differently about how we do things and what performance means to each end user.

How do products such as Deconstructed Metal reflect Patcraft’s commitment to transforming performance within commercial environments?

We know that performance is not measured by single components, but is an intricate equation solved through robust ingredients and innovative technology. We broaden our view to define performance beyond how our products withstand the physical environment, to how they support productivity, collaboration and comfort, and transform the performance experience for our customers. Deconstructed Metal encompasses this performance design philosophy, looking at the exploration of design in a different light.

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