Automatically Minimalist: The Petly by RINN

Pet owners of discriminating taste can often find themselves faced with the dilemma of having to bring ugly, but practical (if not necessary), items into the home for the sake of their beloved cat or dog’s well-being. For every Dog Milk-worthy design, there are countless garish and/or aesthetically intrusive toys, feeders, bowls, beds, furniture, and other items which appear to be the collaboration of poor man’s Memphis Group aesthetic and Petco’s bargain bin.

Japan-based company RINN’s Petly automatic food dispenser is a minimalist exception to the rule, a cat and dog feeder designed to keep pets happily fed while seamlessly integrating into the home decor of their fussy bipedal caretakers.

The minimalist profile of the Petly automatic food feeder is an unusually attractive pet feeding device, with aesthetic hints of the industrial design of Naoto Fukasawa, nendo, and maybe most recognizably the Roolen humidifier. The Petly’s compact footprint can be attributed to the Japanese designer’s consideration for small space living, while its battery powered mechanism offers untethered placement options throughout the home.

A flush LED programmable display controls the unit’s feeding schedule while preventing animals from accidentally adjusting settings; once programmed the Petly doles out healthier portions of five-gram increments of pet food, up to ten times per day each hour (total kibble capacity is about 2.2 pounds), a feeding schedule which keeps animals happier and at a healthier weight.








As this Japanese Petly reviewer’s two felines’ suspicious reactions to the automatic feeder reveal it might take a little while for a pet to acclimate to the Petly’s presence, but in quick time an automatic feeder like this should become a welcome addition in any household, during and in between feeding times. More information about the Petly available here.

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