Planned Accidents by Pipaluk Lake

Pipaluk Lake is an artist who creates sculptures of magma frozen in time. Her exhibition, Planned Accidents, is full of pieces that are fluid, poetic, and that capture magma during a moment of transformation.

K95113 Drops IX 2014, 19x24x25cm (1)

Invoking ideas of stalagmites, water, crystals, or rocks, the sculptures are meant to reimagine the preconceived notions of glass being cold and rigid. Instead, her work questions the idea of permanence and impermanence, and gives physical existences to otherwise intangible visions and sensations.

K95112 Drops VII 2014, 12x20x28cm

Pipaluk Lake will be exhibited at the Galerie Maria Lund through October 25, 2014.

K95099 Levitate_S5A6165

K95110 Drops V 2014,35x14x10, glass

K95102 Suspension I, 2012.hight 90 x 85 x 35 cm .photo Jesper Palm (1)

K95109 Drops IV 2014, 27x25x19cm,glass

K95107 Reticulate V 2014,58x34x17cm

K95105 Drift 2012, 180x48x48cm (92x 38x38cm)

K95117  Canopy III 2014, glass,steel

K95127 Interlace 2014,83x64x3cm,glass,copper

K95123 sketch 2014,36x35x3cm, glass, steel

K95115 Weave 2014,81x18x12cm,glass,steel

Hanging Object XII, IX, XIII, XIV

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