Plumen 003: The World’s Most Beautiful Light Bulb?

Though not traditionally thought of the as the sexiest of items, Plumen took that on as a challenge to create yet another functional, beautiful light that not only lights its surroundings, but enhances it. As a result, they launched the Plumen 003 light bulb, their most gorgeous light bulb yet.

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The devil is in the details. Plumen recruited a jeweler to design the glimmering faceted surface pattern. The gold surface creates a unique, textured light that’s reminiscent of a precious stone. The gold elements float in the center of the bulb, while sitting on a plinth that detracts heat from the LED to keep it energy efficient.

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - Plumen_071_V1

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - Plumen_115_V1

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - Plumen_139_V1

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - 003 rings

This LED light bulb took five years to make, and has two types of light— a downward spotlight that’s ideal for focusing on a specific task, and a warm gold shade in the center that creates a flattering ambient light that’s especially flattering for faces. In summary, the light bulb is both beautiful to look at, while also making its environment beautiful too.

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - unretouched (2)

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - Plumen 003 over worktop - not retouched

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - Plumen003_SHOT01_266_r9

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - unretouched (1)

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - unretouched (5)

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - unretouched (6)

[Plumen] 003 light bulb - Plmen003_SHOT02_326_r9

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