Poketo Aurora Wall and Daily Planners Color the Days Ahead

10.20.17 | By
Poketo Aurora Wall and Daily Planners Color the Days Ahead
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We can’t remember the last time we’ve ever felt the slightest urge to grace our walls with a printed wall calendar. Yet, here we are, slaves to Google Calendar, and totally entranced by the colorful allure of this Poketo Aurora Wall Planner monthly calendar.

With dimensions of 30.1″ x 20.6″, these poster size sheets divided by month practically beg to be framed, except for the fact they’re best used with a pen and a penchant for planning.

The real question is whether to dole each sheet every month, or to display the entire spectrum as a group. There isn’t really a wrong way to display these.

But let’s say you’re adamant to keep the walls free from clutter. That’s okay because there’s the Poketo Daily Weekly Monthly Planner. The spiral bound planner isn’t just a pretty face on the outside; the interior of this 170 page planner is fully decked to empower monthly and weekly appointment making and reminder writing, with timestamps neatly lining each page to keep things clearly designated.

The allure of both the wall planner and bound desk planner is undeniable – an appealing aesthetic and organizational argument that there’s always a place in our hearts (and offices) for color. Both are available now at Poketo, alongside a vast selection of other designer office tools.

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