A Portable, Flexible and Affordable Cardboard Standing Desk

10.16.14 | By
A Portable, Flexible and Affordable Cardboard Standing Desk

You’ve probably noticed how standing desks are becoming more and more popular as it’s pretty obvious that so much sitting is bad for us. Refold has designed a cardboard standing desk that is both flexible and portable, as well as being completely affordable.


The 100% recyclable desk folds up in seconds into a self-contained carrying case so you can either store it or tote it to another location. It weighs only 6.5 kg (or 14.3 lbs) so you can move it whenever you need to switch up where you work.


The design easily folds and slots together in a matter of 2 minutes or less using four main pieces – no tape or glue. It’s so sturdy, it can even hold the weight of a person on top!


It’s made from 7mm twin cushion kraft cardboard. Each leg is constructed from 3 pieces of cardboard that are laminated together with environmentally friendly glue.


They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. If you’re interested, check it out here.



If you’re not into standing, you can lower it to a typical sitting height desk.




Want to jazz it up a bit? You can paint on it. They’re working on a series with New Zealand artists and the first one is a local Wellington artist named Gwil.




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