The Puro Hotel Palma: A Modern Day Urban Oasis

Located in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, Spain in the La Lonja district, the Puro Hotel Palma is *the* place to book if you’re looking to stay in a modern hotel that holds true to its Mediterranean roots. The 22-room boutique hotel recently underwent a renovation by design studio OHLAB who had the challenging task of working with, rather than against, the building’s complex configurations due to its existing structures. The result? Each room provides a hospitality experience that is literally unique because the rooms are different from each other in layout and design, something not all hotels can boast.

Artist Pedro Oliver was commissioned to create a series of unique mural paintings for each room.

OHLAB also designed furniture specifically for the hotel, including the beds, headboards and benches. The studio also chose to recover and reuse the original solid wood mandala doors in the rooms.

To promote the bathrooms as a place of relaxation rather than a place of necessity, sculptural and freestanding tubs were placed in the bedroom as if it was another piece of furniture to unwind on/in.

The nondescript desks, cabinets, and minibars that you usually see in regular hotels have all been replaced by a series of aged bronze furniture that was designed with the traditional metal carts bellboys used to transport luggage as inspiration.

Natural materials like oak wood, cement, limestone, hemp, aged leather, linen, and cotton give each room a Mediterranean look, aided by the inclusion of traditional decor like upholstery made from majorcan looms, raffia carpets, and wicker baskets. With an eye for design though, OHLAB manages to veer more towards a contemporary vibe rather than a rustic one.

What: The Puro Hotel Palma
Where: Carrer de Montenegro, 12, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
How much? Rooms start at approximately $103 per night
Highlights: Each room at the Puro Hotel is unique due to the building’s existing structures, ensuring you have a unique experience during your vacation.
Design draw: OHLAB updated the boutique hotel with modern fixtures and furnishings but maintained the hotel’s local roots by incorporating traditional materials and decor, like oak wood, natural hemp ropes, raffia carpets and wicker baskets.
Book it: Visit Puro Hotel Palma.

Photos by José Hevia, courtesy of v2com.

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