Quilts Made of Code by Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile artist making handmade quilts created from the meeting of digital and analog. She explores traditional craft techniques with technology to make these random, geometric quilts.

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt Closeup

What’s unique about Elliott’s process is that they’re designed using a programming language called Processing. Through Processing, Elliott edits coding and generates random formations of geometric and traditional quilt block shapes. Afterward, she plays and edits the configuration until it becomes a quilt design she likes.

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt Green_Processing1_Quilt

Similar to working backwards, the configuration is broken down to decide what fabrics and methods would be best to recreate the quilt via hand. Each quilt is then made by hand, which takes several weeks. Each one is different and adds a unique look to its surroundings.

Elizabeth Elliott Bubble_Neutral_Top

Elizabeth Elliott Bubble_Yellow_Top

Elizabeth Elliott C+S_Quilt_Final_Full

Elizabeth Elliott Bubble_Neutral_Quilted

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt Purple_Processing_Quilt

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt TS1_Full

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt Playground_Cushions_1

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt RebelQuilt_EElliott_Lvngrm

Elizabeth Elliott  quilt TS1_Livingroom

Quilts and patterns are available on her website or by contacting her directly for a custom commission.

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